Mobile in business…

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Why mobile? It’s just the facts…

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Most small local businesses are dealing with controlling costs, trimming advertising, as well as, growth strategies and watching their competition. Well, that's just what you have to do in business! Here's some food for thought on the local advertising front... Everywhere you look there are these little hand-held computers called "smartphones". Did you know that people … [Read more...]

The Power of Mobile Connectivity

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Mobile devices are "all the rage" today... whether you have or want one, they seem to be literally the topic of conversation everywhere.  In this time of wireless communication, the consumer seems to be holding the power in their hands!  In the advent of time, moving and doing things faster has steadily increased, but today we are lightning fast in our thought … [Read more...]

How Text Messaging Works

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SMS or text messages are comprised of short messages sent via a mobile device.  These messages are normally no longer than 160 characters.  Text messages can be sent and read by almost all cell phones. You have the ability to reach almost 270+ million users in the U.S. alone. One of the attractions of SMS marketing is that your message is read almost immediately.  … [Read more...]

Business Benefits from Txt Messaging

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Schools are beginning to use text messages as a way to communicate with parents.  This way they know that the parent has received the message.  This saves the hassle of having to try and reach someone by telephone and the expense of printing out letters. If students are at a sporting trip or on a field trip parents can easily be notified if they are running late or to … [Read more...]

Overview of Mobile Marketing

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Did you know that there are 5.1 billion cell phones users worldwide?  This number is greater than the numbers for people who own a computer!  This is why it just makes sense to get into the world of mobile marketing NOW!  With the introduction of mobile marketing companies it is easier and more affordable to use this marketing method.  The advantage of using a … [Read more...]

Hello Local Business!

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Welcome to MobileVise! We are your one-stop solution for local web development and mobile marketing for your business... In this age of mobile connectivity and the advent of wireless technology, you  could possibly be mind-boggled!  Let's see, there are; APPS Texting Software Updates Security Surfing the web Downloading Social Networking Contacts … [Read more...]