Business Benefits from Txt Messaging

Schools are beginning to use text messages as a way to communicate with parents.  This way they know that the parent has received the message.  This saves the hassle of having to try and reach someone by telephone and the expense of printing out letters.

If students are at a sporting trip or on a field trip parents can easily be notified if they are running late or to let them know that their child’s team just won an event!

Colleges & Universities are using text messages to communicate between professors and students.  Staff members can communicate between themselves.

Clubs & Event Organizers can incorporate SMS into their business in many different ways.  As anyone planning an event especially a speaking one knows that you need your guests to actually show up.  You can use text messaging to invite people to your event.  Then once they have opted in you can send reminders and updates of the event.

You could even promote your event by linking to a questionnaire to see what people want to get from the event.  You could offer discounts on tickets and access to free brochures concerning the topic of the event.  If you are the event organizer you will have several staff members working with you.  By using SMS you can easily keep track of what everyone is doing and ensure that the event is on time.

Wedding and Party Planners for example have so many details to attend to. It would be simple to connect with everyone via a text message instead of having to run around to different locations and suppliers.

Banks, Insurance Companies & Finance Brokers are now using text messages as a method of communication.  Many of these institutions have members who work out in the field.  Sending text messages is a quick way of keeping up to date on their location and their activities.

These companies can easily send out promotional messages and reminders to their clients.  Customers can be provided with a mobile app to access their account information at any time.

Non Profit Organizations can really benefit from the use of SMS messaging.  Organizers can raise awareness, promote campaigns, raise funds and send out thank you notices via their text messaging system.

As you can see,  SMS (text message) marketing is an extremely powerful tool in so many ways for your business, organizational functions, etc.  Bulk messaging is the key to this, and understanding how to do that is where come in…  think about it… does your time matter? 

Can your business, institution, organization or other entity benefit from this?  It may be more cost effective than you think!

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