How Text Messaging Works

SMS or text messages are comprised of short messages sent via a mobile device.  These messages are normally no longer than 160 characters.  Text messages can be sent and read by almost all cell phones. You have the ability to reach almost 270+ million users in the U.S. alone.

One of the attractions of SMS marketing is that your message is read almost immediately.  For some reason people love to open a text message as soon as it is received!  As a business owner/marketer this is a huge plus for you.   SMS marketing uses short codes which are just abbreviated phone numbers.  Most short codes are five or six digits long.

Users must opt in to receive messages and this is normally done by texting a keyword to a certain number.  This is done because the majority of users have to pay for every text message sent or received.  Companies are prohibited from sending unsolicited text messages.

When creating a mobile marketing campaign it is important to use other advertising methods as well.  Otherwise it can be hard for people to know exactly which keyword to use to opt in to your campaign.

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